New Bronze Sponsor: Gypsy Chic

Gypsy Chic

Owned by MLC parents Jamie & Brian Jensen:

Gypsy Chic in business now for over thirteen years, starting in the midst of humble beginnings, is a true success story. Owner, Jamie Jensen was deeply inspired by all the fashion she was exposed to in her worldly travels, and being a natural entrepreneur, Jensen set out to create a business that would bring all the styles she loves to Portland, for you.

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Revival Drum Shop: New Bronze Sponsor

Revival Drum Shop

Revival Drum Shop is owned by Jose & Allyson Medeles, parents of an MLC student:

Revival Drum Shop (Est. 2009). Portland’s best place to check out some great vintage and custom drums, grab a coffee, hang out and talk drums. We have eclectic percussion pieces and a nice selection of drum heads, sticks, parts, accessories, new and used cymbals. The goal is to be a place of inspiration for drummers of all walks of life from beginner to the seasoned player.

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